Our Product

PRECISE... It's You!!!

5 Facts that makes PRECISE stands out:

Precise is DISTINCT!

Facts 1: Various style, colors and models!
PRECISE has a complete collection from children to men, from sport shoes to lifestyle shoes. It all comes in interesting color choices.

Facts 2: Quality with style
PRECISE best quality is achieved from the high quality standard production process, going  through a comprehensive quality control mechanism. PRECISE shoes go through detailed & meticulous design and testing processes in order to produce the best pairs. Our shoes designs are in line with today’s newest trend and technology.

Facts 3: Reasonable Price!
PRECISE comes with reasonable price. It is surely an affordable option for any market out there.

Facts 4: Nationwide Distribution
Precise is distributed in many of our own Independent  Stores (PRECISE I-STORES), Department Stores, and hundreds of long-time partner Shoe Shops in Indonesia.

Facts 5: You'll look COOL with PRECISE!
With all the facts that PRECISE has, the last fact is definitely true. PRECISE has interesting design and color choices that are very suitable to fashion trends of children and young people nowadays. PRECISE is also equipped with international standards on product durability & performance.